About EFS

Your One-stop Financing Solution for Energy Upgrades

Over the last few decades, there’s been an explosion in high-efficiency and renewable energy technologies and big price drops for many types of equipment and installation.

Cost is still a barrier to adoption for many homeowners and businesses. And that’s why Energy Finance Solutions (EFS)—the financing arm of Slipstream—is committed to developing affordable financing programs to fund energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.

Since 1996, we’ve partnered with hundreds of contractors, utilities, state agencies, municipalities and financial institutions to make energy upgrades easy and affordable for homeowners and businesses across the country.

Are you a homeowner or business?

We’ve helped more than 25,000 consumers and businesses tap into affordable funding for their energy update.

Discover the difference EFS can make for you!

Are you a contractor, utility, state agency, municipality or capital provider?

EFS delivers:

  • 30+ years of energy expertise — Our sponsoring organization, Slipstream, helped the industry develop energy savings standards and project eligibility requirements
  • Funding expertise—EFS was one of the first three agencies in the country to originate energy loans through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Our team can draw on years of experience in developing and leveraging funding resources.
  • Customizable, proprietary loan origination and income qualification system, for customers and contractors
  • Turnkey and customized energy finance program administration
  • 25,000+ loans—with affordable loan rates and payment programs
  • Licensed to deliver financing products in 22 states
  • More than $250 million in energy efficiency/renewable energy upgrades funded
  • Millions of dollars in energy savings!