Our Products and Services

Please note, Slipstream EFS’s address in Madison has changed to 431 Catalyst Way, Madison, WI 53719. We have not moved, but a new city street has been dedicated adjacent to our property. Mail sent using our old address or PO Box will be forwarded to us for a short time, however, to ensure timely processing of your applications please utilize our new address only.

Meet Your Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Goals With our Customizable Financing Programs

EFS has three categories of lending products and services:

1. Financing Programs

EFS offers financing for residential and commercial projects in two broad categories:

  • Proactive loans—for planned energy efficiency and renewable energy projects
  • Reactive loans—for unexpected system replacements (such as a failed furnace)

Product features:

  • Consumer unsecured loans
  • On-bill consumer loans—loan payments can be made directly through a customer's utility bill
  • Integrated income qualification services
  • Online application and tracking

Commercial loan programs include:

  • Unsecured programs
  • PACE financing
  • On-bill recovery programs—let businesses repay loans on the customer's utility bill, so the energy savings cover the loan payment. EFS handles all program administration and the program is convenient for the business too.

2. Program Design and Advisory Services

EFS can design, implement, and promote financing programs at the service level chosen.

3. Capital Partnerships

Energy program financing has historically come from utilities and government agencies, but that funding model is undergoing rapid change. Today both traditional financial institutions—such as banks and credit unions—and new investors are looking to funnel their capital into energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. EFS has extensive experience matching programs and funding resources and has worked in the following areas:

  • Establishing revolving loan funds
  • Partnering with private investors and regulated financial institutions
  • Installing emerging credit enhancement models—including loan loss reserve funds and sub-debt structures
  • Property-assessed financing programs